Session ID: 243


A new database architecture called sharding was introduced in Oracle 12cR2 database for linear scalability and complete fault isolation for OLTP workloads. This Oracle sharding architecture partition horizontally partitions data across discrete Oracle Databases (shards). All shards collectively form a single logical database. Come to this session to learn this new architecture and the related new features in Oracle 18c. We will share our experience with Oracle sharding through our POC project: what type of application best fit to this sharding architecture, how to deploy sharded database and how to implement replications for massive scalability and complete fault isolation on commodity hardware with local storage. Some of lessons learned will be shared and discussed in the session

Objective 1: Understand the Oracle shading architecture that provides the massive scalability and fault isolation

Objective 2: Describe the basic steps of deploying Oracle Sharding stack

Objective 3: Learn how to design the application schema and tables to meet the Sharding through an example

Audience: Mid-Level