Session ID: 107370

Abstract: Learn why Michelman; experts in the development of water-based coatings; surface modifiers; additives and polymers for numerous industries; chose to use the JD Edwards Orchestrator and an integration platform to automate their business processes and see how they achieved: a 50% increase in data accuracy; over 60 hours/week savings in operational efficiency; and an improved visibility towards product quality and sales as well as measure the impact of sales activities on possible future revenue. The results reflected in an ROI of less than 10 months.

Objective 1: Outline the business challanges and project short term and long term goals.

Objective 2: Gain insights on how to increase sales efficiency; data and product quality and tie sales promotions to future revenues.

Objective 3: Understand why systems and data connectivity are essential to business process automation and which ones were most relevant in addressing Michelman's business goals.