Session ID: 102650

Abstract: See how Martin Marietta leveraged the full capabilities of JDE 9.2 release to help them simplify; standardize and transform the customer relationship management (CRM) functions within the several lines of businesses; and in the process replacing salesforce.com and other one-off applications and manual excel processes; with just one JDE CRM solution. As part of their Quote-to-Cash transformation initiative at Martin Marietta; this helped the Martin Marietta IT team to showcase the capabilities of JDE 9.2 and bring more business processes back to JDE from other legacy and one-off applications.

Objective 1: Successful build and deployment of CRM solution using strictly JDE 9.2 and the tools that came with 9.2 out of the box; such as IoT; UX and ADF. Integrate with social media using JDE 9.2 for customer news and sales team collaboration.

Objective 2: Successfully replace SalesForce.com and excel solutions; and provide a single platform with Customer 360 degree views and Sales rep 360 degree views; all developed using JDE 9.2 tools

Objective 3: Deploy JDE 9.2 CRM on Mobile Devices and provide the Customer/Rep 360 degree views on the sales teams hands to be more effective and productive. Also; Integrate JDE 9.2 with ECM solution for CRM documents generation; storage and retrievals