Building CNC tools to help your CNC's !!

4:30 PM–5:30 PM Apr 10, 2019 (US - Central)

GH 2ND FL Bowie C


Session ID: 108390

Abstract: Understandably; when companies typically develop functionality in JDE; it's focused towards the business. The CNC support team often doesn't get any attention to develop tools to help with their responsibilities. We are going to demonstrate some easy native JDE tools to help monitor; maintain and simply make life easier for all the mighty CNC's !Many tasks can be automated or dynamic requiring less time to manage for a CNC. The goal of this presentation is to encourage the CNC's to be creative and use JDE tools to help proactively manage their systems.

Objective 1: Demonstrate and share some easy tools and tricks that can be created to help a CNC perform their vast array of responsibilities. Items such as SQL reports; custom UBE's; OMW automation will be covered in a live demo presentation.

Objective 2: Collaborate with the audience and get the CNC's thinking outside of the box. Some of the native tools available to the CNC's are limited; we will show you how you can implement your own solutions using JDE tools such as custom UBE's; SQL reports.

Objective 3: Highlight all essential systems to monitor for a CNC; everything from infrastructure; database; networking; JDE setup and configuration. Implementing and using tools to help with the monitoring.