Session ID: 10767

Abstract: In this use case we will demonstrate a practical application of implementing integrations between Fusion and AWS. Our End-to-End process incorporates sample custom business needs within Oracle Fusion. We highlight utilizing the GoLang(Google Go) development toolkit on the AWS server that executes Web-Service calls to both extract and publish data to/from Fusion. In our scenario, it is accomplished while maintaining a cloud only presence. Additionally, we will explore interchanging the Web-service HDL to SFTP, REST, SOAP, etc. for external vendors/applications.

Objective 1: Illustrate examples of practical applications of custom integrations between Oracle Fusion and AWS Cloud.

Objective 2: Explore out-bound web-service calls executed with Go to extract OBI CSV report output from Oracle Fusion.

Objective 3: Explore in-bound web-service calls executed with Go into Oracle HCM via HDL.

Objective 4: Identify how Google's GoLang on AWS Cloud platform can be used to build a cloud based custom application.

Objective 5: Oracle Cloud HCM Implementation Lessons Learned

Audience: Technical