Session ID: 11049

Abstract: Consider this scenario: The team wanted to do a reimplementation because we wanted an opportunity to redesign our business processes, eliminate customizations, standardize our data across the enterprise, take advantage of new EBS features, and clean up our data. We have brought many countries into our Oracle environment, and have a great deal of experience in converting data with a highly-skilled team. The reimplementation was much more than we bargained for - not in a good way. This session reviews the challenges of a reimplementation and migrating data though real-life experiences and lessons learned.

Objective 1: Understand what is involved in the traditional approach of migrating data.

Objective 2: Recognize the many challenges that cause reimplementations to go over budget and fail to meet expectations.

Objective 3: Gain a perspective from client experiences and lessons learned.

Objective 4: Explore alternatives to a reimplementation.

Audience: Applications Manager or Business Analyst