Session ID: 11130

Abstract: This presentation is a case study on how we approached, developed, and delivered the training support to our 120 new Cloud users. Adults learn through a variety of means, written and visual presentation, hands on practice, and reinforcement through follow-up working labs. Whether you are moving from on premise to Cloud or are totally new to Hyperion, this case study will provide the basic groundwork to a solid training program. Disclaimer: No professional trainers were involved in this training.

Objective 1: Don’t jump the gun (Don’t open your system to users without a solid training program)

Objective 2: Many hands make light work (Build a training team and strategy)

Objective 3: On your mark, get set, and go! (Develop your training materials early, sprint to finish line)

Objective 4: Don’t forget to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s” (Prepare the rooms, visuals, training guides)

Objective 5: We Have Lift Off (System is open, reinforce training goals through working labs, prepare a plus delta review, survey users if possible)

Audience: Project Manager