Session ID: 11294

Abstract: Learn about the recently announced Oracle Adaptive Intelligent (AI) Applications for Manufacturing. This SaaS offering collects, stores, and analyzes massive amounts of Operational Technology (OT) data coming from sensor enabled shop floor equipment and machines and contextualizes it with Information Technology (IT) data coming from enterprise applications such as ERP, HCM, SCM, MES, Quality, LIMS and analyzes it by applying machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to discover key patterns and correlations that affect manufacturing efficiencies and provides actionable predictive analytics to maximize yield and minimize defects, scrap, rework, costs, returns. It also provides comprehensive capabilities for backward and forward tracing of products and processes within manufacturing and supply chain spanning manpower, machine, material, method and management related information to facilitate rapid root cause, impact and containment analysis.

Objective 1: To understand how Big data and Data Science can provide business benefit

Objective 2: To understand how OT and IT data can be leveraged together to get deeper insights

Objective 3: To understand the pre-requisites needed to enable smart manufacturing and service initiatives

Audience: -All-