Oracle Contracts Clause Repository Maintenance

10:30 AM–11:30 AM Apr 11, 2019 (US - Central)

GH 4TH FL Crockett C


Session ID: 11327

Abstract: The Oracle Contracts Clause repository offered through the Contract Terms Library is a powerful tool that helps business users create, update and reuse standard clauses. The Oracle seeded Clause Approval process helps the control of entry and updates to the clause library. Through this session, I would like to describe key features and APIs used to maintain the clause library such as importing clauses from legacy sources, integration of clause updates from external vendors providing FARS /DFARS clauses, and the approval process involved in Clause Repository maintenance.

Objective 1: Explain Key Features of Oracle Contract Clause Library

Objective 2: Importing Clauses from Legacy and third party sources

Objective 3: Present case study with details of Oracle Contracts Repository setup and clause imports which was recently accomplished at our institution.

Audience: Technical