Session ID: 11351

Abstract: In our minds Cloud was at the bottom of our list. Why? Loss of control, satisfaction with our recently updated on premise application, simplified interface was not impressive, and loss of standalone Essbase. Due to unsupported Hyperion software and end of life hardware we needed to upgrade. Based on total cost of ownership and simplified support we selected the Cloud. Once the decision was made, how to implement it. This presentation will highlight the trials and tribulations of transitioning to the Cloud.

Objective 1: Understand what it means to give up your on premise and move to the Cloud

Objective 2: Evaluate and cost the four upgrade options based on our criteria

Objective 3: Describe and discus the change management process for both users and administrators

Objective 4: Review the pitfalls and roadblocks accompanying the transition and discuss the benefits of moving to the Cloud for users and adminstrators

Objective 5: Examine what product enhancements are needed to improve administrator satisfaction?

Audience: Management