How to Soar to the Cloud Without Crashing Along the Way

9:15 AM–10:15 AM Apr 8, 2019 (US - Central)

GH 4TH FL Seguin B


Session ID: 11391

Abstract: While many Oracle customers today have a cloud strategy, they face tough choices to make on how to get to the cloud while still maintaining control of a Business Driven Roadmap. This session provides simple steps to help: • Decipher Oracle cloud models & programs • Reduce costs during and after cloud migration • Avoid negative impacts of cloud incentives Hear how other IT leaders keep core systems stable and shift the right use cases to the cloud, while avoiding hidden costs and staying in control of their roadmap.

Objective 1: Review the top Oracle cloud computing models and programs available today

Objective 2: Discuss real-world strategies to drive sustained cost reduction both during and after cloud migration

Objective 3: Provide strategies to avoid the potential negative impacts of Oracle cloud incentive programs

Objective 4: Provide real-world case study examples of Oracle customers who have deployed Oracle lift-and-shift cloud strategies

Objective 5: Deliver tangible next steps attendees can take to simplify and accelerate their own lift-and-shift strategy for Oracle

Audience: -All-