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Director, JD Edwards Technology at ERP Suites
JD Edwards CNC technology consultant with over 300 customer engagements providing a wide range of experience from small to large companies JD Edwards CNC Technology consultant since 1999 JD Edwards OneWorld/EnterpriseOne CNC experience since 1996 (Release B71.4 to present) 50+ Upgrades of OneWorld/EnterpriseOne 30+ Installations/implementations OneWorld/EnterpriseOne WorldSoftware to EnterpriseOne migrations/Coexistence removal Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) & Enterprise Manager (OEM) Mobile, AIS, IoT, UX-One/ADF, Orchestrator Studio configurations Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality systems LAN/WAN network design/support Microsoft Windows Desktop/Server support Unix/Linux IBM i or AS400 Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2) IBM System Programmer MVS/DOS-VSE/VM Multiple presentations at various user conferences such as Quest Collaborate/InFocus/SXW, Engage 2013, Oracle OpenWorld, PeopleSoft Connect and Quest user groups Customer engagement examples: - Multiple Digital Transformation engagements using various E1 UDO's and AIS/Orchestrations to improve customer/machine information, data accuracy and timing. - Performance/stability for SQL Server customer which reduced web response by 2 - 3 times and nightly batch window from 30 to 2 hours - Job cost performance UBE runtime reduction from 76 to 2 hours working with development after identifying potential code changes - EnterpriseOne Upgrade transition from SQL Server to Oracle database. Reduced upgrade window by 2 days and month end closing process from 4 to 2.5 days - Large IBM i configuration tuning reduced interactive web response by 2 - 3 times overall and kept batch window runtime goals of 50,000+ jobs per day - Worked with Oracle development on EnterpriseOne enhancements such as SQL Server RCSI support, virtual Enterprise servers for package discovery, Server Manager alpha testing review, Application Query security and several smaller SAR's/bug resolutions


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