Michael Nelson work photo
Collaborate Conference Committe DBA
Northrop Grumman

BS-degreed computer science professional with also an MBA and 15 years’ experience as senior database administrator with Northrop Grumman.  22 years in the IT industry.  Experienced in managing object relational database (Oracle) including installing configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting.  Strong working knowledge of the principles and practices of data modeling and database design and manufacturing system design.  His abilitity to troubleshoot problems is a skill that has gained him a sought after reputation.   He often teachs others about his "divide and conquer" troubleshooting process that helps reduce the time it takes to find and fix problems.  One of his favority quotes is, "if you don't have time to do it twice, then do it right the first time." Consolidating your databases to take advantage or your skills, personnel, applications, databases, servering and licensing costs. 

  • Speaker at Independent Oracle Users Group, "Learn, Act and Share -- How to Increase your skills", "What you need to know about Oracl's password file", “Build a Context Index; How simple can it be.”  Demonstrated relation database modeling using context index functionality using web front end.   Using Oracle Text, Context indexes and APEX to build a google like search. “Tuning a third party application without touching the code.” Oracle's Partitioning and how it can improve your applications.
  • Speaker at Utah Oracle Users Group,  "The New Tool -  Automatice Diagnostic Repository (ADR); how it can help you troubleshoot your databases", “Tuning a third party application without touching the code.”  Troubleshooting both hardware and software where queries were experiencing poor performance.  Used Oracle Paritioning to improve performance without changing the 3rd parties application.
  • Presented technical paper and was a speaker at Welcom World in San Diego, CA, “Tuning Oracle to get the most out of Cobra”.
  • Collaborate Conference Committe  2017 - 2014
  • Speaker  IOUG-A Live 2000 Anaheim, CA, “Data Warehousing on a Budget ... and NT”.

After work he loves to be in the outdoors, hiking, hunting, camping and scouting.   He has been involved in youth programs and has love coaching youth baseball and basketball.    He has 5 kids and considers them his greatest accomplishment.

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